Dipika Bhusal, Dhirendra Pratap Thakur

Doi: 10.26480/rfna.02.2020.85.88

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Cereals contribute to 50% of total caloric intake and 95% of the total food requirement globally. Increasing climate change and population has increased the food demand and endangered the productivity of food crops due to various biotic and abiotic stresses and within these conditions’ world is trying to push itself towards increasing the grain yield per unit of land. Several methods of seed priming are practiced to rejuvenate the seeds and remove the environmental stress. Hydro priming, a method of seed priming, has prominent advantage of stresses resistance, better crop stand, and emergence. In order to cope with the future challenges of crop productivity knowledge on the beneficial effects of hydro priming is important. Hydro priming induces DNA repair processes and Antioxidant responses associated as pre-germinative metabolism that leads to early and better seedling growth. Seed Hydro priming may be the best solution to the germination related problems especially in crops grown in unfavorable conditions and enhanced activation of the plant defense mechanism describes this process. Defining the exact treatment duration, water volume, and temperature of water during Hydro priming can revolutionize the farming system with better results.

Pages 85-88
Year 2020
Issue 2
Volume 1