Ebha Dawadi, Ambika Karki

Doi: 10.26480/rfna.01.2023.01.03

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Production and productivity of crops is highly affected by uneven germination and poor crop establishment. The greater the germination percentage of the seed, the greater will be the productivity. Problems like low seed replacement rate, climate change, drought, low germination percentage, poor crop stand etc. are influencing the crop production. There might be the introduction of scientific tools and techniques in crop production like improved variety, resistance variety, etc. But each and every farmer is not capable and skilled enough to utilize advanced technology. In that case, seed priming can be a better alternative as well as a better solution to the problems. It is cost effective, ecofriendly and easily accessible to every farmer out there. It helps in better germination of seed, increases root vigor, improves crop establishment there by increasing yield. So, Seed priming has the capacity to close the gap between potential yield an actual yield.

Pages 01-03
Year 2023
Issue 1
Volume 4